Made2Walk is a social impact organization focused on pedestrian safety in relation to the traffic and the built environment. Spread awareness with a unique yard sign and swag, stories, educational courses, consulting, and more.

History: Made2Wlak sprung as Ana's Walking Action Plan at the end of the Walking College fellowship in 2017.  While the fellowship has only focused on a simple pedestrian safety campaign, over time it evolved into a full time venture to take pedestrian safety advocacy to a new level with the help of local and national partners.

How you can support: Hire, purchase, attend, share! All proceeds from the Store support the pro-bono consulting, the collection of Pedestrian stories, and the advocacy efforts where Made2Walk travels and where it is invited.


I have used walking as a means of transportation for many years, particularly while growing up and working in Romania. After a pedestrian vs car crash, I became a walking advocate, helping others experience walking as a means of staying healthy and speaking out to make walking and rolling accessible and safe for all. I hold a Masters of Public Health and I'm a 2017 alumni of the Walking College fellowship.

I am founder of Made2Walk, proud member of the Walk2Connect Collective, program director for Longmont Walks, a mentor in the  national Walking College program; member of the American Public Health Association, a Commissioner on City of Longmont’s Planning and Zoning Commission, and actively engaged in accessibility issues in my community, serving on several task forces.

I am a specialist in:

  • Pedestrian Safety and Urban Design

  • Community Engagement

  • Public Health


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