Made2Walk is a social impact organization focused on pedestrian safety in relation to the traffic and the built environment. Spread awareness with a unique yard sign and swag, stories, educational courses, consulting, and more.

History: Made2Wlak sprung as Ana's Walking Action Plan at the end of the Walking College fellowship in 2017.  While the fellowship has only focused on simple pedestrian safety campaign, over time it evolved into a full time venture to take pedestrian safety advocacy to a new level with the help of local and national partners.

How you can support: Hire, purchase, attend, share! All proceeds from the Store support the pro-bono consulting, the collection of Pedestrian stories, and the advocacy efforts where Made2Walk travels and where it is invited.


I have used walking as a means of transportation for many years, particularly while growing up and working in Romania. After a pedestrian/car crash, I became a walking advocate, helping others experience walking as a means of staying healthy and speaking out to make walking accessible and safe for all. I holds a Masters of Public Health and I'm a 2017 alumni of the Walking College fellowship - where Made2Walk shaped up.

I am a core-owner of Walk2Connect Cooperative, founder of Made2Walk and a mentor in the  Walking College program; member of the American Public Health Association, and an alternate Commissioner on City of Longmont’s Planning and Zoning Commission; and actively engaged in walkability issues in my community, serving on several task forces.

I am a specialist in:

  • Pedestrian Safety and Urban Design

  • Community Engagement

  • Public Health


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