Why a Pedestrian Fan?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I never feel relaxed when crossing a street, I still have PTSD from when I was knocked down by a pickup truck in the middle of the crosswalk 6 years ago.

There is no doubt engineering of the built environment and education of the motorists need update.

I created this 'Pedestrian Fan' to show motorists that I feel the need of an accessory to establish trust. Hopefully it will make an impression on them and they'll pay more attention to pedestrians in the future -and I hope you join me in this movement, too!

Grab your family set from https://www.made2walk.com/product-page/caution-pedestrian-fan and let's keep our entire family and friends safe out there. Perfect for those walking to school or other walking commuters. It folds in and has a string to attach it to your backpack, to have it handy. And you can use it as a fan (its original purpose) during summer days. Reach out for bulk discounts.

~ Ana Lucaci, MPH, Owner/Principal at Made2Walk.

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