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Why a Pedestrian Fan?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I never feel relaxed when crossing a street, I still have PTSD from when I was knocked down by a pickup truck in the middle of the crosswalk 6 years ago.

There is no doubt engineering of the built environment and education of the motorists need update.

I created this 'Pedestrian Fan' to show motorists that I feel the need of an accessory to establish trust. Hopefully it will make an impression on them and they'll pay more attention to pedestrians in the future -and I hope you join me in this movement, too!

Grab your family set from and let's keep our entire family and friends safe out there. Perfect for those walking to school or other walking commuters. It folds in and has a string to attach it to your backpack, to have it handy. And you can use it as a fan (its original purpose) during summer days. Reach out for bulk discounts.

~ Ana Lucaci, MPH, Owner/Principal at Made2Walk.

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